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Why So Serious?

How we're building Serious Korean to be the best language learning app in the world. TL;DR ↓

I first began thinking about creating an app like Serious Korean in 2014. At the time I was preparing to move to South Korea as part of a volunteer organization. I had previously studied Japanese and now was faced with the daunting task of learning Korean. When learning Japanese, I had been helped immensely by a couple of top tier language learning apps, WaniKani and Human Japanese (credit where credit is due). These apps were taylor-made for Japanese learners by people who were truly passionate about helping others learn not just the Japanese language, but everything Japanese.

So, when it came time to learn Korean, I began looking for the best app out there. However, I quickly came to realize that the quality of learning tools available for Korean simply were not up to par with Japanese ones. It made for a rocky first year or two of studying Korean, with a lot of trial and error, and frankly a lot of brute force effort to converse with strangers in broken Korean. I also created and drilled paper flashcards and would often read and re-read a book of the 6,000 most essential Korean vocabulary.

Ever since that time I have dreamed of creating the ultimate Korean learning app, and now it's finally real. It has taken over a year of full-time development on Serious Korean to reach this point, and there is still a long way to go to make it the gold standard language learning platform, but I am proud of what has been accomplished so far.

Branding is never an easy task, but when selecting a name for the app I wanted something that would convey the fact that it is truly intended to help you accomplish your language learning goals. "Serious" seems to imply that this app doesn't mess around. You are going to learn a lot of useful Korean words and grammar... seriously.

Serious Korean is designed from the ground up to be a comprehensive Korean education tool. Some sites or apps have flashcards. Some have language learning activities or games. Others have textbooks or wikis. Until now none had all of these integrated beautifully and linearly, let alone made available at an attractive price.

As long as we have paying customers, we will continue to add new content to Serious Korean. Currently you can learn 6000+ vocabulary and 100+ grammars. Not only that but Serious Korean will teach you how to read and type in Korean. We even have a full course on Korean culture. In the future we will also feature handwriting, reading comprehension, speaking, and listening. Serious Korean is the only truly comprehensive way to learn Korean and Korea.