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SRS Flashcards
Spaced repetition is the most effective way to learn. Serious Korean uses a proven algorithm to help you learn faster and recall longer.
Use Serious Korean's pre-generated mnemonic devices or create your own. Remembering has never been easier!
Simplified Grammar
Introducing the un-textbook. Serious Korean makes learning grammar more fun than Tik-Tok.
Powerful Search
Witness the power of instant search. Find what you need to know faster than you can type "오빠".
Sentence Breakdowns
Read, decipher, and break things down to get help when needed. See the ingredients of every sentence. No word left behind!
Typing Assist
Nowadays the keyboard is mightier than the sword or the pen. Become a touch-typing pro with Serious Korean's adaptive onscreen keyboard.
Cultural Insights
We know that just speaking a language isn't everything. Serious Culture will also clue you in on what to speak about.
Progress Tracking
See your level progress to meet your learning goals. Get on a red hot streak and burn this language to the ground.